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Laboratory research studies require a huge commitment of time, money and resources. To help ensure the investment pays off in the form of key insights, simple precautions such as good sample collection practices should be utilized. All too often, studies are delayed or even derailed entirely due to avoidable errors. For example, while hand-written labels are common practice in laboratories, something as small as an ink smudge or illegible handwriting could be detrimental to a study and its results.

As interest in metabolomics grows for biopharma, population health and other industries the need to process hundreds of samples quickly has become increasingly important.

To help you avoid sample handling mistakes, keep your timelines on track and achieve the best results from your study, Metabolon has created the Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit. By leveraging our 20 years of best-in-class metabolomics study experience, the Sample Handling Kit was designed with the needs of the researcher in mind – to maintain consistent and efficient workflow, reduce the risk of traceability errors, ensure sample integrity during shipment and maximize study speed and quality assurance.

Applying industry best practices, the Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit was developed with the understanding that each research program is unique. Not just an off-the-shelf item, every Kit is tailored to support your study design, providing the foundational first step of study success with the right quantity and type of tubes for your specific sample type.

One of the challenges researchers often face in Study.success.sidebar.PNGmetabolomics studies is separating the noise to draw actionable insights, and not all tubes are created equal. With that in mind, Metabolon’s development team carefully evaluated many vendors and hand-selected the most suitable tubes, offering the greatest durability and lowest levels of artifact contribution, such as leaching of plastic and mold releasing agents. This level of diligence will help to ensure the most reliable results to your study every time.

The Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit also aims to plug a crucial gap in studies – traceability. All tubes provided in the Kit are prelabeled with globally unique barcodes, making manual transcription errors or illegible handwritten labels a thing of the past. The pre-programmed hand-held barcode scanner included in the Kit allows the user to easily generate an accurate tracking record. This feature helps to streamline the sample intake process, delivering quick and accurate results. 

When you open your Metabolon Study Success Sample Handling Kit you will receive the barcoded tubes and racks in specially designed cardboard cradles to protect them during transfer and shipping. The cradles are meant to be re-used when preparing your samples for return shipment to Metabolon in order to reduce the risk of breakage, spills and contamination.

All these factors addsampke kit2.jpg up to support financial success. There is a cost accrued from inconsistency or errors in labeling, be it financial, turn-around time or – worst-case scenario – data quality. Cutting down on errors improves financial success, and ultimately, study success.

At Metabolon we are committed to your study success. There isn’t another company that offers this all-encompassing support package. From study design and execution, through interpretation and recommended next steps, we are focused on customer success and quality assurance at each step of the program journey.

Wondering what metabolomics can bring to your studies? Contact us today at to get started.