One Technology. Many Applications.

The phenotyping power of metabolomics makes it a pivotal tool for understanding living systems, health and the factors that influence health. Metabolomics applications continue to grow and provide unprecedented insights for clinicians and life sciences researchers across many industries and academic and government organizations. This expanding technology is now routinely used in disease research, pharmaceutical drug development, nutrition and agriculture. Metabolomics is also moving into clinical applications to promote wellness and diagnose and treat diseases.

Precision Metabolomics™ is a powerful, unparalleled technology for:

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Disease taxonomy & diagnosis
  • Diagnostic test development
  • Tracking drug & nutrient effects
  • Identifying targets for drug development
  • Bioprocess optimization
  • Extracting value from genomics research

Our proven, patented technology can effectively answer many biological questions. We provide valuable metabolomics applications across all areas of the life sciences, including:

Biological samples contain highly informative metabolites that can be readily analyzed with metabolomics, which can enrich decision making and produce biomarkers. Biomarkers are objective indications of the state of health that can be measured accurately and reproducibly.

Validated biomarkers in clinical research or population health studies can form the basis for new diagnostic tests and lead the way to help establish precision medicine. Clinicians currently measure individual metabolite concentrations, such as glucose and cholesterol, to identify and manage diseases. Precision Metabolomics rapidly screens thousands of metabolites from one biological sample, enabling broader, actionable health information.

Our metabolomics applications for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries range from bioprocessing to drug discovery and clinical development. We can provide insights on drug toxicity, mechanism of action, and drug responders and efficacy signals to guide decision-making from the selection of a target or drug candidate to clinical trial design.

Genomics studies benefit from metabolomics to unravel gene function and interactions in bacterial, plant, animal and human research, since changes in metabolite concentrations are closely related to the phenotype.

Finally, metabolomics applications are beneficial to consumer goods, nutrition and agriculture research. Metabolomics can aid in the development of healthier, safer foods and personal care products. We're also working with leading agriculture organizations who are breeding more productive, disease-resistant plants by unraveling the complex pathways that drive these characteristics.