In this webinar, we discuss how metabolomics provides a comprehensive picture of the metabolome and maps metabolites to their key biochemical pathways. It answers a wide variety of research questions and gives crucial insight into the function of genes, the basis of disease, and how treatments work.

After using our Precision Metabolomics™ platform to identify biomarkers or pathways associated with your area of research, Metabolon offers a unique opportunity to follow up on this new knowledge and zoom in on a particular metabolite or metabolic pathway, providing in-depth insight into specific metabolic reactions. In the webinar, you will learn how you can work with our team of experts to develop a customized plan for your specific targets of interest.

Highlighted Assays Overview
Sebum Lipid Panel
accuGFR™ Panel for assessing kidney function

Robin Parham, B.S., Targeted Analysis – Metabolon
Richard Robinson, BSc, Staff Scientist – Metabolon
Brian R. Keppler, Ph.D., Associate Director - Metabolon