Bioanalytical assays have been used in clinical trials for decades to establish safety and efficacy. As personalized medicine matures, new biomarkers are expected to improve both patient stratification and management.

Metabolomics, or the study of small molecules that result from biological processes, offers new possibilities for biomarker discovery. Different than genomics and proteomics, which may offer insight, metabolomics provides a comprehensive snapshot of an individual’s physiologic state. In fact, discovery metabolomics has identified a broad menu of candidate biomarkers for various diseases. Thanks to recent advances in chromatography and mass spectrometry, it is easier than ever to rapidly develop and validate metabolite assays for use in clinical trials.

This webinar will introduce a robust, highly sensitive biomarker development program that leverages the revolutionary metabolomics discovery platform and expands the menu of compounds that can be measured routinely and reliably. The webinar will also walk participants through the process of bioanalytical assay development and validation to support ongoing and future clinical trials within a quality setting.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Kirk Beebe, Ph.D. - Director of Application Science, Metabolon, Inc.
  • Jonathan McDunn, Ph.D. - Director of Clinical Programs, Metabolon, Inc.