Complex Lipid Profiling

Unlocking Lipid Biology

Metabolon has advanced profiling platforms specifically designed for generating detailed understanding of lipid and complex lipid metabolism.

Structural and energetic lipids are central components of metabolism and are integrated into virtually every biological process in the body. A comprehensive lipid profile is essential to gaining a complete picture of metabolism. Lipid metabolism pathways are also commonly implicated in metabolic, cardiovascular and inflammatory conditions, making lipid profiling a useful tool for diagnostics and drug development research.

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  • Lipids and Complex Lipids

    Sterols (such as cholesterol) and fatty acids (such as palmitate) serve as the basic building blocks for a wide variety of functional lipid structures. Sterols commonly have a direct function in biology. Cholesterol, for example, forms part of the cellular membrane in animals. Free fatty acids, on the other hand, generally do not have a specific structural role. Instead, they are used as the building blocks to create a variety of complex chemical structures known as the complex lipids.

    Complex lipids are metabolites produced when one or multiple fatty acids bind to a “backbone” molecule (such as glycerol). The chemical structure of complex lipids determines their purpose of function in biology. Together, these metabolites create complex lipid classes of important structural and energetic molecules (such as phospholipids and triacylglycerols).

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  • Metabolon: Tackling the Challenge of Complex Lipid Profiling

    Profiling complex lipids is different from profiling primary and intermediary metabolites (which transition discretely through pathways from reactant to product). Complex lipids are combinatorial structures that are difficult to map to a simple metabolic pathway. The concentration and composition of each complex lipid class are the result of multiple levels of lipid metabolism, complex lipid assembly pathways, and the partitioning of the complex lipid itself into aggregate structures such as membranes and lipid droplets. As a result, profiling and understanding complex lipids requires a distinctly different logic and approach.

    Metabolon uses a compositional approach that isolates each class of complex lipid and then quantifies all of the fatty acids in that class. Our complex lipid offerings, powered by our TrueMass™ focused panel platform, provide a thorough and highly quantitative profiling of all the intermediary metabolites in each lipid class present within a given biological sample. The resulting data is robust, interpretable and actionable.

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  • Lipidomics Studies with Metabolon

    Metabolon has over a decade of experience in lipidomics. We merge the compositional approach with signature equations and advanced data analysis tools (such as the Lipomics Surveyor® tools) to transform the complex lipid profiling results into biological knowledge that improves understanding and advances research goals.

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