Metabolon's mView™ service provides metabolomics-driven biochemical profiling for scientists in academic and government institutions.

The service uses the same platform technology as our full-featured mVision service:
  • Separation and detection using three independent platforms
    • LC-MS/MS (+ESI)
    • LC-MS/MS (- ESI)
    • GC-MS
  • Informatics to identify biochemicals
    • Filtering of background noise
    • Comparison of mass spectra to database of standards
  • Statistics to identify changes
    • p and q values to determine significant biochemical changes

The mView service delivers three types of data:

Biochemical Data File—The data file contains information about each sample processed: biochemical name, super pathway, sub pathway, KEGG ID, HMDB ID, and amount detected. The data is provided in two forms, raw and imputed. All mView analyses provide the biochemical data file.

Statistical Heat Map—Statistical analysis of the data shows the fold change of each biochemical, grouped by super and sub pathway, and color coded in terms of increase or decrease relative to control. The statistical heat map is an option which can be requested by mView clients.

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For more information on mView, please see our FAQs.

Getting Started

Using the mView service involves several easy steps:
  • Submit a study proposal using our Study Proposal Submission Form.
  • The client reviews and approves a copy of the proposal and quote
  • Client ships samples to Metabolon for analysis
  • Final study data will be sent via email

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