Metabolon's Service Offerings

Metabolon provides comprehensive biochemical profiling services for biopharmaceutical and life science clients.

Metabolon offers two types of services:

  • mVision™ is Metabolon's full-featured service, providing unparalleled insight into the biochemical and physiological state of the organism.
  • mView™ is a data-rich biochemical profiling service for scientists in academic and government institutions.
These services are built around our metabolomics-driven platform technology and provide the following:
  • Global analysis of biochemicals (the metabolome) in a complex biological sample
  • Separation and detection using three independent platforms:
    • LC-MS/MS (+ESI)
    • LC-MS/MS (- ESI)
    • GC-MS
  • Detailed comparison of how biochemicals change in response to experimental variables.
  • Example experiments include:
    • drug versus control
    • disease versus normal
    • time point versus time zero
  • Identification of hundreds of biochemicals using our extensive database
  • Sophisticated statistical analysis for detecting significant changes across many biochemicals
  • Biochemical interpretation of changes in the context of biochemistry pathways and the experimental variables