Comsumer Products

Consumer Products

Metabolon's comprehensive biochemical profiling platform has been applied to a number of consumer products. Clients have used the platform as part of their product development process.

Skin Care. By analyzing skin samples, the biochemistry of skin cells can be monitored in response to different skin care products used over time. The use of our platform to test changes is becoming more popular as animal testing of cosmetics becomes more restricted.

Nutritional Supplements. Supplements affect one's biochemical profile. By profiling all of the biochemical changes resulting from a nutritional supplement, clients can see if their products are having their intended effect.

Toothpaste. By analyzing the crevicular fluid, fluid between the tooth and gum, a profile of a person's oral hygiene can be obtained. Changes in oral hygiene in response to different toothpaste formulations allows rapid product development cycles.

Pet Food. Age-and health-specific formulations of pet foods are being developed for companion pets. The biochemical profile of pets consuming these formulations shows the beneficial effects of the diet.