Gaining greater predictability, control and quality

Speaker: Kirk Beebe, Ph.D., Director of Application Science

Challenges in developing and producing biotherapeutics are numerous and dynamic, including various market drivers and industry responses. The need for greater control, predictability and quality in bioprocessing has paved the way to successfully seeking out and applying newer technologies such as metabolomics. 

This webinar will first navigate through the landscape and challenges in developing and producing biotherapeutics. The journey continues with a walk through of the rationale for why metabolomics is a key tool for addressing critical bioprocessing needs, followed by specific case studies and examples of how a functional metabolomic approach has been applied.

There are many relevant applications for functional metabolomics in bioprocessing starting with process development, which include being able to: boost titer or productivity, improve product quality, enhance viability, or optimize defined media. The technology has been employed in biomarker discovery applications to identify predictors of lactate consumption, to assess product quality, to predict indicative biomarkers of bioreactor performance, or identify ideal clones. Lastly, functional metabolomics has been applied to enrich DOE experiments and troubleshooting for historical deviation, process transfer, scale-up issues, disposable concerns, and lot or performance changes.

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