Garvey, S M, et al. Metabolomic profiling reveals severe skeletal muscle group-specific perturbations of metabolism in aged FBN rats. Biogerontology, 2014.


Skeletal muscles undergo age-related muscle weakness resulting in a reduced ability to perform activities of daily living and an increased susceptibility to falls. Sarcopenia underlies much of these changes but the molecular underpinnings of sarcopenia are not completely understood. As a result, treating sarcopenia remains a challenge. To expose new targets and biomarkers for conditions like sarcopenia, investigators sought to understand the molecular underpinnings in more detail by performing metabolomics on skeletal muscle of adult and aged rats. Rich metabolic differences were noted including makers of muscle atrophy, insulin resistance, mitochondrial function and dysregulation of glucose metabolism.  Collectively, these results provide a rich compendium on the aging muscle and should be a valuable platform for translational studies in humans.

Metabolon results led to:

• An “atlas” of the metabolic perturbations of aging skeletal muscle

• Potential new targets and biomarkers for skeletal muscle-related diseases such as sarcopenia

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