Improved drug therapy: triangulating phenomics with genomics and metabolomics

Embracing the complexity of biological systems has a greater likelihood to improve prediction of clinical drug response. Here we discuss limitations of a singular focus on genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics or phenomics—highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each individual technique.

In contrast, systems biology is proposed to allow clinicians and scientists to extract benefits from each technique. Perfect predictive modeling is not possible, whereas modeling of intertwined phenomic responses using genomic stratification with metabolomic modifications may greatly improve predictive values for drug therapy.

This article proposes a novel, integrated approach to personalized medicine that begins with phenomic data, is stratified by genomics, and ultimately refined by metabolomic pathway data. This systems biology approach has the potential, in specific subsets of patients, to avoid drug therapy that will be either ineffective or unsafe.

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