Global Biochemical Profiling for Bioprocess Optimization

The Challenge: Optimizing the Production of a Protein Therapeutic

It is widely understood that the production phase of bioprocessing can have a significant impact on the overall profitability of the biopharmaceutical. Organizations must analyze everything from total protein production level to glycosylation patterns as well as overall quality and stability. It is clear that the final product’s profitability can be dramatically changed by the culture process.

Protein production has been greatly improved through process monitoring of important variables such as dissolved O2, pH, lactate and carbon source depletion. Further optimization has been accomplished via formulation development using a cause and effect model as well as spent media analysis looking for a few specific rate limiting media components.

Given the large numbers of variables involved—especially in the composition of media nutrients—it is has traditionally been difficult to achieve globally optimal conditions using these methods.

The Solution: Global Analysis of Biochemicals

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