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QUANTOSE IR is a laboratory-developed blood test (LDT) that measures the degree of insulin resistance in an individual. Insulin resistance is a core metabolic defect in dysglycemia and, as such, is a known risk factor for prediabetes. In individuals with prediabetes, QUANTOSE IR may be used to monitor clinical conditions associated with insulin resistance management.



  • Are there publications that support the use of the QUANTOSE IR test?

    Yes. See the list of peer-reviewed publications in the QUANTOSE IR bibliography.

  • How can use of the QUANTOSE IR test help lower health care costs?

    The ability to measure insulin resistance and treat individuals with prediabetes earlier could help slow or stop the potential progression to type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that assessment and treatment of prediabetic patients can help improve patient outcomes and lower health care costs. (Source: Diabetes Care 2012; 35: 723-729. Annual Review of Medicine 2013; 6: 291-305.)

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