Metabolon’s platform technology is a powerful engine for biomarker discovery.

Metabolon’s diagnostic mission is to incorporate metabolomic biomarkers into a suite of tests that address significant unmet medical needs by providing physicians with valuable information that improves therapeutic decision-making and patient management. The company has a strong focus on oncology, particularly on the clinical problems of under-staging disease, discrimination of indolent vs. aggressive tumors, identification of tumors with high likelihood of recurrence, detection of occult metastasis, and assessment of toxicity risk from chemotherapy drugs. These tests will be run in Metabolon’s in-house CLIA laboratory.

Metabolon’s powerful proprietary platform enables the rapid discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers. With traditional development of diagnostics, oftentimes many years of clinical research are needed to discover and validate relevant biomarkers for a particular disease before work on a diagnostics test can begin. Metabolon’s platform technology accelerates the discovery and validation process, and, in turn, the pace of diagnostic test development. In addition to diagnostic biomarker discovery, Metabolon’s proprietary technology reveals the fundamental changes in metabolism that occur in human diseases. By yielding a deeper understanding of these biochemical alterations than ever before possible by means of genomics and proteomics, Metabolon’s technology holds potential to revolutionize the way human disease is studied, diagnosed, and treated.

Metabolon’s biomarker discovery platform has already been used to identify biomarkers for a number of diseases. These biomarkers are being incorporated into clinical diagnostic tests in the following areas: