Innovative Diagnostics & Research Solutions Through Metabolomics

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Discovery Biology

Advance Knowledge and Derive Novel Biomarkers

Discovery Biology

Biochemistry has been an essential tool for research and diagnostics for more than 100 years. Today, the science of metabolomics is bringing foundational biochemistry to a new level and generating powerful insights that drive life science research and biomarker discovery forward.

Metabolites are sensitive indicators of homeostatic changes (whether induced by genetics, microbiome, or environment), making them excellent candidates for biomarkers. Metabolites also play a crucial role in the signaling and regulation of genes, proteins and microbiota, making metabolomics an ideal complement for other forms of ‘omics’ research.

What’s more, because metabolic pathways are generally understood and highly translatable across species, metabolomics data is often highly actionable. That is why researchers from diverse fields recognize metabolites as a powerful ally for integrating complex data sets to find the “bottom-line” source of a phenotype and the associated biomarkers. 

Harnessing the full potential of metabolomics is a difficult endeavor fraught with technical challenges, but Metabolon’s proprietary technology makes this powerful tool accessible for academic and commercial researchers alike. 

Metabolon is using the power of metabolomics to advance research and support novel discoveries in a wide variety of research areas, including:

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